How do you t ravel with your guiena pig(s)?

Guinea pigs love seeing new places. Their favorite thing is when it has something to do with the outdoors! So with traveling you don’t want to travel with this huge cage but you also don’t want to be holding your pet for a long period of time. What you have to do is use a cat caribou, it is that easy! I know right now you are probably laughing at yourself and saying that you should have thought of that first. With the cat carrier you have to make sure that you take them out every little while and dump the droppings out so your guinea pig does not get an infection by stepping in its own droppings.

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Are you allergic to guiena pigs?

Well to answer your question YES you can be allergic. You might be allergic to the guinea pig itself or if you are like me you are allergic to something little like their hay. To try to help with you allergies with them try brushing them every day. Most people are just allergic to their hair so I also suggest that when you are holding them that you put a towel or a blanket under them (I also do this because mine have a tiny bladder). The last way that I can think of is that you vacuum around where your guinea pigs stay so there is not to much spreading around the house.

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What animals do Guinea pigs get along with?

Have you ever wanted a small pet but you are afraid it might just turn into a chew toy? Well think of why you said that animal will?

I am just going to tell you now… I have all of these guinea pigs; 1 dog and a cat. I have a Black lab mixed with a Golden Retriever and a cat that lived outdoors and now is an indoor cat. Well let me just tell you this… I never in my life thought I would be able to see my guinea pigs snuggle up and fall asleep with my other animals… sure it took them about 1 week to get used to everyone and all of the other animals but now they are each others best friends…

Nicki with the babies

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Buying a guinea pig.

Well when you buy a guinea pig it does not have to hear hard as you think it would be. All you have to  do is get the stuff that you need then put it all together. With picking out what guinea pig you want with sex and type you can look at two other post about those. Before you pick out your guinea pig you need to pick out your cage.  Your guinea pig cage for only one guinea pig should be at least 7 1\2 square feet or 30 in X 36 in. With a guinea pig water bottle you should get a medium size and a hook that goes around the bottle (usually  comes with bottles). You will need Vitamin C drops for the water(about 3 drops per bottle).With the food you should get just regular pellets without all of the extra “treats” because the food dye is bag for any animal. With bedding you should make sure you have newspaper to put on the bottom of the cage. Then you need to get bedding that is just normal wood shavings that are many for small animals. Then with the houses I prefer the wood ones if you don’t want to get wood toys also but sense I have wood toys I have plastic ones. And that is about it. If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


imageguinea pig foodGuinea pig food needsguinea pig hay

Why guinea pigs do what they do?? Part 2

Sniffing the air =  They sniff the air with there head stretched out. They are watchful and bearing there surroundings.

Sent marking =  When guinea pigs mark there property/territory. Rubs its chin,cheeks, and hind legs on his/her items.

Fidgeting (while being held)= Sign of needing to go t the bathroom. It could also be that the guinea pig is tired of being held.

Flicking head into the air = When getting annoyed of being pet, the nicest way to show how is for guinea pigs to fling there head into the air. Or if you are petting near there eyes, it is because they can not see.

Licking = Shows personal affection from guinea pig to humans. It is to believe it is because of the salt on your hands they like, because some people think that animals do not have emotionse

holding guinea

Why guinea pigs do what they do?? part 1

– Running away and hiding from being picked up = They are being scared. ( try approaching them slower)

-Begging for food = Start WEEKING, and when they are continent they will stand on there hind legs ( like a dog )

“Pop corning” = Hopping up in the air, running around, then quickly turning in another direction and then repeating. shows that they are exited and are full of playfulness.

Running in laps= Sense they do not use exercise wheels, they have to burn it off by running in circles.

“Freezing” =  When guinea pigs sense danger, or hears a sudden unfamiliar sound. How they “freeze” is they will hear something or sense something and then it will freeze/ and sit motionless.They try and make themselves invisible by not moving at all. It also tells other guinea pigs that there might be danger.


How to give your guinea pig a bath!!!

I know that normally guinea pigs do not like water at all. So what you do is you fill the bath tub or sink…. but only half an inch. Then you put you guinea pig in it and you only need to wash the bottom of there stomach. You don’t have to wash them with any soap… I don’t anyway… then you just dry them off… that’s all to it… Peaces my guinea lovers

Bath time with Jack Jack

Jack Jack