About Jackjack

Well my guinea pig Jack Jack has gotten into an attack with my first guinea pig. 😦   I don’t really know how it happened but he has a torn ear and a few bite marks… I will be posting a video on him very soon…


Jack Jack and his stuffed animal




About my videos.

Well I know that I have something up there for videos so just to let you guys know they are on youtube and the link is below. So please look at it and mabe leave a comment or like! thanks pieces




Just a little about me.

I own 6 guinea pigs, 1 dog, and 2 cats. One of my cats Baby B just got attacked by a dog and has a cracked jaw    😦 He can only eat wet food now. I am the 3rd oldest out of 8 kids. I am a animal lover forever! I live all around farm area where they grow corn. I am what you would call a country girl. I also play the flute, saxophone, and clarinet. Oh and before I forget I am homeschool. so I guess that is all about me thanks peace out!!!