How mush noise can a guinea pig handle?

Well I say that guinea pigs should have as little noise as possible. I know it is almost impossible to keep your house quiet all day long but don’t go blaring your drum set or guitar in their ears. When something is going on and you see there ears moving then you know it is too loud. I would say that as loud as a loud talking is about as much noise that I would put my guinea pigs though.

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How do guinea pigs get asthma?

The most common way for a guinea pig to get asthma is by them eating hay or food that has dust AKA “the bottom of the bowl”. If you are one of those people that feed there guinea pigs once a day and don’t watch them 24/7 then I would highly recommend you to try your hardest to not get the leftovers inside of the cage with you guinea pigs. Another way that guinea pigs get asthma is if your guinea pig is allergic to something like dogs, cats, or other animals. They could also be allergic to the food, bedding, or the climate outside if you take them outside.

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*Please note this now that I am not a Veterinarian or professional, this post is about what I already know or what I have researched*

How to keep your Guinea Pig cold in the summer

Guinea pigs have a hard time keeping themselves cold in the summer and they could overheat and possibly die. A way to make sure they don’t overheat is to keep them with fresh water, I know that you are always supposed to give them water but I know that there are some people that sometimes forget to feed them or to give them water when they need it.

Another way to keep them cool is to stick a fan in the room that they are staying in… Just make sure the fan is not directly in front of them so they wont get to cold. If they are outside make sure they are in the shade and DO NOT leave tem outside for a long period of time. Guinea Pigs are not like dog or cats where you could leave them unsupervised and outside for more than 30 min at the max.

They last way to make sure they don’t over heat is to not mess around with them a whole lot and keep the noise at a low sound. I know that must sound weird but guinea pigs are like humans. When something happens that they don’t like there heart starts to race and when heart rate goes us, so does there body temperature. It is the same way how they sweat.(EWW)

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Kepping your guinea pigs nails cut.

Are your guinea pigs nails to long… lets see..  nails bad nails good

The brown paw is bad because of the curled nails. The white paw is good because it is clean and not to long.

Things you will need: Any fruit or veggie that will keep your guinea occupied for a while. Clippers that will not break and injure your guinea pigs nails. The last thing is a place where you can sit down with your guinea pig.

So while you are feeding your pig or keeping it occupied then you can either cut its nail while it on the floor or in your hand… It just depends on if your guinea pig likes being held. Cut your pigs nails till it is a little bit before the pink. If your guinea pigs nails are dark like picture one then cut it unilt you think it is short enough for your guinea pig can walk around with comfort.

I hope this helps

– Guinea pig whisperer (aka guinea pig freak)

What food guinea pigs should not eat.

Some of the things that guinea pigs should not eat are:

  • grapes
  • Altered food: cooked, tinned, preserved, etc.
  • Pickled Veggies: sour kraut, dills, capers
  • potatoes
  • Nuts, seeds, lentils, beans
  • Rhubarb
  • Mushrooms
  • Red hot chili peppers
  • collard greens
  • any drink other than water
  • peanut butter, cakes, cookies, baked goods
  • iceberg lettuce
  • corn
  • seeds
  • tomato leaves and small stalks
  • tamarillo  leaves
  • Avocado, coconut
  • taro
  • jams, jellies
  • any herb
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