Oxbow Orchard Grass.

Well if you can not decide what type of  hay to buy for your guinea your guinea you are in the right place.People in this day in age are always just buying the least expensive stuff well this on is really cheap and you can buy in almost anywhere. It is called Oxbow Orchard Grass. It is also great if you are allergic to hay like me… Hope this helps. Peace out guinea lovers.  

Oxbow Orchard Grass


YUMYUM for your guineas!

when you go to get your guinea pigs food most people pick the Timothy. I used to do that also… but then I started to look us what is the healthiest guinea pig food that can fit your budget.. It turns out that you can get any of the guinea pig food that is just the pellets… you don’t want the one that looks all colorful and pretty and says it is all natural… You want the plane ones. One way how you can tell if it is a good brand is if you look at the ingredients on the back and it has no food coloring… Hope this helps guinea pig lovers!

this is what it is supposed to look like!                                 this is not what it is supposed to look like!

good foodbad food