Guinea pig bedding

Things that you can do to your guinea pig or any small animal cage:

  • Wood shavings or any bedding: As long as it does not have any food coloring or dye if and sort and does not have a lot of dust in the wood shavings then your small animal will be comfortable. Change the cage at least once a week.
  • Fleece: make sure that you put a towel or something to catch the animals feces then it is fine. Depending on how active your animal is change it every 1-3 days.

How should I put my guinea pig cage?

When I first got my guinea pigs I had to find everything out the hard way; well here is the easy way. When you have your cage there is two different ways to put it. If you have an open cage: On the floor in a corner if you don’t have other animals. Or simply on a card table that is wide enough to have your cage and about 1 inch of room just in case the C&Cs move around. If you have a close cage: If your house stays about 73 Degrees then you can put them on the floor. If not you can really just put them anywhere as long as people are moving around. They get really lonely sometimes so make sure that your guinea pig get attention EVERY DAY!!!

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Can guinea pigs go outside?

A way to keep your guinea pigs healthy and happy is by giving them a play area outside. For guinea pigs to live a happy and healthy life they have to be able to run around inside and outside. You have to make sure they are safe though. If they are not then they will not enjoy themselves. It is proven that if a guinea pig is in a small cage and does not get to run they will live a sort and miserable life!there play area should be a little bigger than there cage and it should have plenty of toys and clover to eat. Thanks guinea pig lovers.

play area

Are you sqashed little guinea?

Down below are the cage size standards. I use these for all my guineas and they are living happy and healthy!… To not spend a whole lot of money on your guinea pigs I would suggest using a web site called my cousin and I use this all the time and you can get regular cages, cages with drawers underneath, C and C cages, toys, and many many more! Hope this helps Guinea pig lovers!

                  Cage Size Standards

# of Pigs




in grids

in grids
 7.5 sq ft more is  better 30″ x 36″ 2×3 grids 27″ x 41″
 7.5 sq ft 10.5 sq feet   30″ x 50″ 2×4 grids               27″ x 56″
10.5 sq              ft   13 sq feet               30″ x 62″               2×5 grids               27″ x 71″
  13 sq ft               more is better               30″ x 76″               2×6 grids               27″ x 84″