About the Guinea pigs

Oliver: I got Oliver on December 21 2012. My dad bought him for me and I got him because of my past… My cousin used to own a guinea pig named Mario and he was all Brown like the one side on Oliver. Anyway… back to Oliver… His name was originally Luigi but my dad said that in order to keep him I had to name him Oliver… so the name stuck.

Jack Jack: I got Jack Jack on July 21 2013. When I first got him I was wearing a neon shirt and he would freak out every time I would try to hold him. So i was going to return him but my mom said to wait and see how he will do if he gets out of the car. So when I brought him home it was doing really well with Oliver.  All of the bad came along when I was trying to get the older boys with the babies… that did not work out so when I was watching to older two by themselves Oliver bit his ear and hit his brain. He did not die but now he limps.

The three babies: So when bananas was impregnate… I did not know how she was doing until she had her babies. They were born on Memorial Day. They were all boys and they are all still really small… I don’t think they are going to get much bigger.. Maddy is the runt and Chinche is the oldest… that means that he thinks he is all big and bad.. not Geo Cheo is trying to make everything happy time between them all.


Why guinea pigs do what they do?? Part 2

Sniffing the air =  They sniff the air with there head stretched out. They are watchful and bearing there surroundings.

Sent marking =  When guinea pigs mark there property/territory. Rubs its chin,cheeks, and hind legs on his/her items.

Fidgeting (while being held)= Sign of needing to go t the bathroom. It could also be that the guinea pig is tired of being held.

Flicking head into the air = When getting annoyed of being pet, the nicest way to show how is for guinea pigs to fling there head into the air. Or if you are petting near there eyes, it is because they can not see.

Licking = Shows personal affection from guinea pig to humans. It is to believe it is because of the salt on your hands they like, because some people think that animals do not have emotionse

holding guinea

Why guinea pigs do what they do?? part 1

– Running away and hiding from being picked up = They are being scared. ( try approaching them slower)

-Begging for food = Start WEEKING, and when they are continent they will stand on there hind legs ( like a dog )

“Pop corning” = Hopping up in the air, running around, then quickly turning in another direction and then repeating. shows that they are exited and are full of playfulness.

Running in laps= Sense they do not use exercise wheels, they have to burn it off by running in circles.

“Freezing” =  When guinea pigs sense danger, or hears a sudden unfamiliar sound. How they “freeze” is they will hear something or sense something and then it will freeze/ and sit motionless.They try and make themselves invisible by not moving at all. It also tells other guinea pigs that there might be danger.


Just a little about me.

I own 6 guinea pigs, 1 dog, and 2 cats. One of my cats Baby B just got attacked by a dog and has a cracked jaw    😦 He can only eat wet food now. I am the 3rd oldest out of 8 kids. I am a animal lover forever! I live all around farm area where they grow corn. I am what you would call a country girl. I also play the flute, saxophone, and clarinet. Oh and before I forget I am homeschool. so I guess that is all about me thanks peace out!!!